Funny Fancy Dress Accessories

Fancy dress costumes are inherently amusing but you can up the ante a little with our funny fancy dress accessories. Make yourself the star of the show and create the most memorable outfits with our side-splitting accessories which will guarantee that any party is a barrel of laughs.

Naughty but Nice

It’s hard to resist being a little naughty with your outfit. Guaranteed to shock, our willy shorts will produce many double takes when you appear to be letting it all hang out! Our fake boobs might not cause quite such a stir but are hilarious nonetheless.

Big Flags and Bling

It’s an oldie but goodie! Our big flag gun is a must-have to induce a little laughter. Meanwhile, if you are celebrating the excesses of the 1970’s, you are going to need plenty of bling and our range features the perfect fancy dress accessories to ensure that you dazzle.

Comedy Noses and Glasses

There really is nothing quite as hilarious as a ridiculous nose. If you happen to be blessed with a normal nose, you can inject the fun-factor with our sensationally silly conks. We are also pleased to be able to bring you a great selection of funny glasses which will amuse and bamboozle your fellow guests. Unfortunately, you might not be able to see them laugh because of the glasses! But hey! A laugh is a laugh!

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